Traditional Media Is Fragmenting

Google Mobile Campaigns copyToday’s traditional media world is becoming an increasingly fragmented landscape. Television, Radio, Yellow Pages, Magazines and Newspapers are all struggling to protect their advertising revenues. Let’s examine a few of the emerging trends that have the media and publishing company executives scratching their heads.


The TV industry is struggling with the fact that more and more homeowners now own TiVo’s and DVR’s. These devices are used to record favorite shows and to avoid TV commercials when viewing the recorded programming. Another challenge is the proliferation of channels now available. Homeowners who have cable or satellite television generally have more than 100 channels of programming available to choose from. Reaching that mass audience that used to exclusively watch traditional network programming is virtually impossible. In today’s market, advertising spend must now be spread across multiple stations in order to reach that same target audience.


How many of you have purchased new vehicles over the past several years. If you have, you most likely were offered the chance to add satellite radio to your new vehicle or were given a free satellite subscription with the purchase. As we all know, satellite radio is commercial free. How many of you have purchased MP3 players, IPOD’s, Blackberry’s or Iphones? Media experts are desperately searching for ways to deliver their advertising messages to these devices. For now though, we can still enjoy hours of programming and music totally commercial free.

Yellow Pages, Newspapers, Magazines

Folks, these industries are under attack. Newspaper and Magazine readership in the United States is steadily dropping. The print Yellow Pages Industry is now suffering through a period of extended revenue and client base decline. They have created internet yellow page directories in an effort to stem the tide of red ink that has plagued their companies for the past few years. The long term prospects for the printed products aren’t good. Their internet offerings are fairing much better.


What should you do to effectively advertise your products or services?

Consider adding an Internet Search Marketing program to your advertising mix. An effective Pay Per Click program, coupled with optimizing your website for SEO and PPC can bring you that steady stream of new business leads that no longer seem to be available through traditional advertising vehicles. Where are your advertising dollars currently being spent? If the answer is on traditional media, you need to Call Us Today! We will help you optimize your website. We will custom design a search program for you that produce’s results. We will have that program online in 3 days or less!


Another Trend To Be Aware of – Media Convergence

Convergence in the context of media refers to the technology driven unification of different media channels. Media, such as broadcast television, radio, newspapers, books, yellow pages, film, magazines and music have traditionally been separated. With the emergence of the internet and the proliferation of high tech digital devices that playing field has drastically changed. There are volumes of studies that now show that the vast majority of us are now using the Internet to seek information or to be entertained. A large percentage of us now own and regularly utilize a digital device, such as a Blackberry, IPOD or High End Cell Phone. These digital devices can now carry and deliver virtually any type of content. The latest news from the telecommunications industry is that video can be distributed on many of the high end mobile devices. This not only means that different types of media are converging, but also that media and telecoms are converging. In the near future, you will likely see these trends continue to gain momentum. Understanding these new trends and adjusting your Marketing strategy to include an Internet component is critical to the long term success of your business.

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