New Mexico Business Expo

Decision Makers & Agencies Meet At Expo
KRQE TV Hosts Free Event

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – KRQE-TV is hosting the New Mexico Business Expo Thursday to bring together owners and executives with government agencies that offer training, assistance, educational and development services, Pam Russom, KRQE New Media Account Manager, said in a live interview Wednesday.
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A Must Read Book By Andrew Reilly

Proven Solutions – To Build A Website That Sells
We strongly suggest that you consider purchasing this book by Author and Owner of United Web Works, Mr. Andrew Reilly. He is an authority on the subject of Search Engine Optimization and Web Site Construction.
Have you ever wondered why some websites suceed so amazingly at bringing in the revenues and others are such duds?

The most critical factors of website building, the very elements that determine whether your site visitor will become your customer, have been unavailable to you until now.Website Building Book
“Andrew Reilley is a leader in the industry and I value the information this book provides. If you want to be competitive in the marketplace then you need to read and put into practice Andrews’ sound advice. This is a quick and easy read that is a must for any business leader.”

Jerry Avery, Director of Marketing, Comcast Cable

“Finally, a book that covers everything […]

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Pay Per Click – Is PPC the new Yellow Pages?

Example: Anytime Fitness Health Club Located in Roswell, Georgia
Pay per click advertising is fast becoming the new yellow pages. It is imperative for small business owners, who have traditionally relied upon yellow pages for their business leads, to begin to understand the true power of the Internet. In areas where DSL and Broadband Internet penetration and connectivity rates are high, pay per click has virtually replaced the phone book as the method used by most people to look up phone numbers for businesses. Here is an example of that phenomenom. In February, the yellow pages delivered approximately 30 business calls from current club members, over 100 calls from companies trying to sell our client their products and services, and literally zero calls from new prospective clients seeking a club membership. A total of zero new club members can be attributed to the yellow page advertising program during February. These numbers are accurate and verifiable, given, […]

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