New Wedding Website For Veldkamp’s Flowers

Bouquets-300-x-450Veldkamp’s Flowers

Denver’s Premier Wedding Florist

We have been working on a new website for Veldkamp’s Flowers. The site is designed to support the Veldkamp’s wedding flower division. Veldkamp’s has been handling weddings in the Denver area for more than 59 years. They are equipped to handle weddings held in any size venue. You can view the new website by clicking this link VeldkampsWeddingFlowers.

AlexJackson(1)Recently Veldkamp’s hired Alex Jackson. He will be heading up the Veldkamp’s floral design team and their wedding flower division. Mr. Jackson is a nationally acclaimed florist, with more than 20 years experience in the floral industry. In 2006, the American Institute of Floral Designers inducted Alex as an accredited member of AIFD. He currently serves on the AIFD Board as a member of their Southwest Region. In addition to his AIFD certification, Alex was also inducted into Professional Floral Communicators International (PFCI) and to the American Academy of Floriculture (AAF) as well. He is an extremely talented florist and designer, with many honors, including having his floral designs featured at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, California.

10703705_869041741681_3533640092713058846_nVeldkamp’s Flowers is a third generation, family owned and operated floral design firm. They have achieved a tremendous reputation for excellence, quality, professionalism and truly great service. They operate with a customer first attitude. Each bride who chooses Veldkamp’s is assigned a wedding professional to help them work through every detail of the wedding flowers and decoration selection process. Their experts help each in the selection of floral varieties, color schemes and with developing the overall floral theme for the special event. Veldkamp’s is not new to weddings. In fact, they have been handling wedding flowers for Denver area families since 1958. Veldkamp’s has worked extremely hard to win the trust and respect of the families and customers they serve. They offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with each and every arrangement they create and deliver. If for any reason you don’t like the arrangement they deliver, simply contact their office. They will replace the arrangement with one of equal or greater value at no charge to you.

We are very blessed to have Veldkamp’s Flowers as one of our clients. They originally hired our firm in November of 2013. We spent the past 12 months driving results and demonstrating our commitment to be a true business partner in the process. Over the past year we have really gotten to know this family. They are incredible and truly wonderful to work with. Every member of the family truly cares about their customers, employees and vendors. Those types of traits are pretty rare and hard to find in this ultra competitive world we all live in. It’s been a very big honor for us to have the opportunity to be of service to this wonderful family and company. We count them among our many wonderful blessings.

Our initial service agreement with them recently expired in November of 2014. They Veldkamp’s honored us by agreeing to sign a new multi-year contract renewal. These folks have treated us as a strategic partner and have made us feel like we are important to their business. Our staff loves these folks and will work relentlessly to ensure their success. When you know that your customer values your efforts and contribution, it’s easy for us to go all in to help them fulfill their goals.

Wedding 2The wedding website is built on a responsive framework. This allows us to create a great user experience. To that point, the site actually alters the way it displays, based upon the type of device that is attempting to access it. By that I mean the site will change it’s display to provide the best possible user experience for people viewing it from desktops, laptops, I-Pads, tablets, I-Phones, Androids and other smartphone devices. If you have a desktop, I-Pad and smartphone, I encourage you to pull the site up on each. You will quickly see the website morph itself into the most functional display for each specific device. It’s truly state of the art in web design.

With the new website, Veldkamp’s is able to highlight their wedding flower expertise. They create some of the most incredible wedding bouquets that you have ever seen. They offer fabulous cascading bridal bouquets, stunning nosegay bouquets, beautiful traditional wedding bouquets and custom hand tied bouquets. Veldkamp’s uses all the most popular flower varieties in their bouquets, including such favorites as; Ecuadorian Roses, exotic Cymbidium and Dendrobium Orchids, Luxurious Calla Lilies, Alstroemeria, Hydrangea and so much more. They purchase their flowers from both domestic and international flower farms. Buying farm-direct, Veldkamp’s is able to ensure that the flowers they sell are the finest, freshest and highest quality available. It reduces the amount of time between when the flowers were cut and when they are delivered. By reducing that time, Veldkamp’s Flowers arrive fresher than arrangements that come from companies who buy from flower wholesalers. Fresher flowers in your arrangement means more vase life and it ultimately means the recipient gets to enjoy the flowers longer.



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New Year’s Resolution – Make A Difference In The Lives Of Those We Serve


Our New Year’s Resolution

Make A Difference To Those We Serve & For People In Need!

Coming up with New Year’s resolutions is the easy part. Keeping those resolutions is what separates the truly committed from the well meaning. In our case, we intend to keep our resolution. Here is our game plan to achieve success.

Making A Difference For Those In Need

PrintShare Your Faith Giving Fund

At the time we created our company, we set up a 501c3 tax exempt charitable fund. We worked with an organization called The National Christian Foundation in doing so. The folks at NCF are wonderful to work with. They handle all the fund administration, legal requirements and accounting requirements for the fund. Our team reviews issues that concern the people and communities we serve, selecting worthy organizations or individuals to receive grants.

Our firm makes regular donations to the fund. You are also encouraged to donate as well. If you would like to donate to the Share Your Faith Giving Fund, click on this link. DONATE NOW


wpid-facebook_1339569594Jack Fussell – Across The Land 2015

Flyline Search Marketing supports Jack Fussell in his run across the USA. Jack is running across the land in 2015 in an effort to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease. He is also hoping to help raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Association as they are their team of medical professionals and researchers continue the search for a cure. Our support for Jack is ongoing and has including things such as web design and support, marketing and advertising support, logistical assistance, food and equipment needed for the journey.

Jack says that he really enjoys the food we provide. While hiking and camping in North Georgia and the Appalachian Trail, I became acquainted with Mountain House meals. These meals are freeze dried. They can be quickly cooked in their pouch simply by adding hot water. Jack really loves the Chili Mac, Lasagna, Rice & Chicken and Beef Stroganoff. These meals are extremely light weight and very nutritious.

wpid-20150108_172532-1Jack began his journey in Tybee Island, Georgia on November 6, 2014. He has made it all the way to Huntsville, Alabama. The cold weather has slowed his progress, but, to his credit, Jack is out there in the freezing cold, running his miles everyday. During his runs, Jack often stops at local hospitals, nursing homes and Alzheimer’s care facilities. Jack enjoys talking with the caregivers and patients and always offers encouragement and kinds words to all he meets. Honestly, you will never meet a finer man than Jack Fussell. I encourage everyone to support Jack Fussell in his journey. If you want to help, we encourage you to start by visiting Jack’s website. To visit Jack’s website or make a donation to the Alzheimer’s Association, you can click this link: ACROSS THE LAND 2015


Making A Difference For Those We Serve

SEM - Search Engine MarketingIndustry Finest PPC Programs – Google, Bing & Yahoo

You will never meet a group of people more dedicated to helping our clients find success than the Flyline Search Marketing team. Our team will work any hours necessary to ensure our clients achieve their goals. One of the keys for us in achieving this New Year’s resolution will be to ensure that our Google Adwords programs continue to stay best in class. We have thousands of hours into development of our Adwords program and we plan to invest thousands more in our strategic design to ensure it continues to out perform others in the market. We consider Google Adwords to be a mission critical component in our overall marketing approach. Clients we serve will tell you first hand, that our Adwords program is literally a strategic weapon for them. All will tell you that their revenues started to climb immediately after we activated our program for them.

FloristsFolks ask us all the time how we know that our Adwords program is the best in the market. We look at several factors. Florists we have deployed our program for have all experienced huge growth in their online sales and overall revenues. Example: In 2014, we had a florist we support experience year over year growth in online sales that exceeded 61%. Another florist we serve experienced growth in their online sales transactions that exceeded 51%. We support florists who use the flower shop website that we created, still others who use the Gravity Free website platform and another who custom designed their own site. Our Adwords program has proven equally productive with all three of these website configurations.

We don’t often talk about our Bing PPC programs, but, each customer we serve also benefits from the fact that we create a PPC program for them on Bing that mirrors the Adwords platform we run for them. It is true that Bing does not have as much traffic as Google. The truth is, Google enjoys a huge lead in web traffic market share. Google has approximately 65% of the overall web traffic, while the merged Bing / Yahoo platform has a market share in the range of approximately 30%.  Bing PPC campaigns generally deliver conversion rates that often exceed those of Google. These higher conversion rates allow our team to produce excellent sales and revenue results from this marketing platform.


Home Storage Solutions – Port Townsend, Washington

HSS_logo-300x150This past year, we took on several clients who could not afford to advertise. One is Home Storage Solutions. HSS is located in the Olympic Peninsula area of Washington state. The company is owned by a gentleman named John Plake. He is a terrific person who experienced more than his share of adversity during 2014. To his credit, John never lost his faith. He stood tall and continued to be a great father and provider for his two children. John found our firm while doing a search via Google. He was looking for a marketing firm to help his business and selected us because of the Christian fish symbol we display on our website. He has always told me that he felt God lead him to us. I believe that he did in fact do just that.

We operate with a truly unique approach. Going above and beyond is just what we do. Our team built John a new website. He had a website, but, the site did not allow for easy landing page development. We created a site, built are an incredibly robust WordPress framework. The site is a powerhouse and will allow us to properly support John as he works to grow his business. You can visit that website by clicking on this link:  In addition to the website, we also felt that John was going to need a stream of new business leads, in order to get his bank account back to healthier levels. That said, we helped John with some funding for Google Adwords. The ads we ran proved very effective. They delivered enough results for John that he was quickly able to sustain his own funding for the Adwords program. Slowly and surely he is battling and building a company that can support he and his two beautiful children. Our plan is to help John achieve that goal.


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