Flyline Search Marketing Hired By Flowers To Go

Flowers To Go, Inc Hires Flyline Search Marketing

The folks at Flowers To Go have hired Flyline Search Marketing. The owner of Flowers To Go, Incorporated is Will Gross. They have been in business for many years, serving customers in the Seattle, Tacoma and Olympic Peninsula area. Their local same day and express flower delivery service area includes; King, Kitsap, Mason and Pierce Counties.

Flyline Search Marketing will be delivering a comprehensive marketing program for Flowers To Go, Inc. This program will include rebranding Flowers To Go, Inc. to their new name, Williams Flower & Gift. As a critical first step in getting ready to deploy the new marketing program, Flyline created a brand new website for Flowers To Go. We utilized the robust Emerald City Website platform. This platform is state of the art, mobile responsive and provides Flyline clients with a robust marketing platform that supports both our organic, paid search and social media marketing efforts. You can take a look at the new site by clicking on this link:

Flowers To Go, Inc dba Williams Flower & Gift, joins an elite group of floral design firms who utilize the services of Flyline Search Marketing. The Flyline client base includes a number of the industries most prestigious florists, including such notables as; Carithers Flowers in Atlanta, Veldkamp’s Flowers in Denver, Pugh’s Flowers in Memphis, Allen’s Flowers in San Diego, Flowerama in Columbus, Mayfield Florist in Tucson and Rockcastle Florist in Rochester. All of these shops are experiencing strong revenue and sales growth. All have been able to achieve dominate positions, within the markets they operate.

Understanding Adwords & Analytics

Google Analytics Is An Empowering Tool

How much time do you spend reviewing Google Analytics? Have you ever set up and managed a sophisticated Google Adwords platform? Just a couple of the questions we ask each new prospective client who contacts us for help. The vast majority have never spent any measurable amount of time doing either. With each client we serve, we spend a good bit of time providing education into the value of understanding the unique attributes of the Adwords and Analytics platforms. We find that educating a client, as to how to effectively review and evaluate Analytics data, is empowering for that client.

Here is one example of the types of information we share with our flower shop owners. When flower shop owners come into our group, they don’t have any idea why Adwords and Analytics conversion data is different. Many assume that there is simply a problem with how the e-commerce tracking code is loaded. The reality is, the platforms are designed to track conversions in a completely different and explainable way. Google Analytics tracks conversions as they occur. Adwords on the other hand, drops a cookie on the computers of every person who clicks our PPC ads. That cookie tracks information for a designated period of time. If the folks who click on our PPC ads, don’t make a purchase at the time of the initial click, that cookie can monitor their search activity over a designated period of time to see if the sale occurs at a later date. If those folks make a purchase with us from that same computer, within the designated tracking time frame, Adwords will attribute the sale to the campaign and ad that generated the initial click. This is why Analytics and Adwords conversion tracking differ.

Why is this information important? It’s just one step along the path of becoming a more knowledgeable and empowered business owner. We frequently encourage our clients to review their “Top Conversion Path” reports. Why do they need to understand that report you ask? The answer lies in the fact that the report provides a great visual teaching tool for our florists and other e-commerce clients. It shows the precise path customers took in choosing to make a purchase. PPC is often the platform we see noted on the report, as the tool that initially allowed us to connect with the customers. The report provides the visual proof our flower shop owners need to better understand that even though PPC may have helped us make the initial connection, it does not always get the credit for generating the actual sale. The actual sale may in fact be attributed in Analytics as coming from a direct visit, organic visit or even from referral traffic. Having a full understanding of how to accurately evaluate the value of the marketing data in Analytics can be critically important to your ability to see and grasp opportunities to grow your business.

Lets talk for a minute about another piece of information that is important when evaluating the value of Adwords. We choose to display Google dynamically generated phone numbers with each Google ad we serve up. That gives customers who see our clients Google ads the opportunity to either click and visit the website, or call and speak directly with a live operator. We find that many shoppers opt to utilize the click to call phone numbers. The rapid increase in smartphone ownership and usage is likely at the root of why we are seeing an increase in the usage of the click to call feature. By using the dynamically generated numbers, we receive call data from Google that appears within our Adwords platform. That call data tracks back to the campaigns that are generating the calls. We use that information in our tactical account management efforts. We also forward each dynamically generated phone number to a call tracking number in our own call tracking and recording platform. That allows us to validate call conversions. Our customers have 24/7 access to our call center. They can go in and see the call data as well. They can also listen into actual conversations to see how their folks handled the sales opportunities.

Google Analytics does a great job of gathering all related costs from running Adwords. Unfortunately, it cannot always adequately capture sales conversions from calls, especially if those calls didn’t occur via the dynamically generated phone numbers. If Adwords was the impetus behind the customer purchase, but the customer choose to call directly into your flower shop call center, that sale will likely never be attributed to Adwords in the ROA calculations. We have met many less empowered florists who have looked at Analytics data and concluded Adwords just cannot be cost justified. My advice to any florist with a mind to learn is this. In the right hands, Adwords can and will help your grow your business to levels you might never achieve otherwise. Adwords alone though isn’t the answer to solving the whole growth equation. More accurately, Adwords is one tool in the comprehensive program we deliver for our shop owners that helps them achieve the growth rates they desire.

We recently took on a new flower shop in Houston. The owner shared some point of sale system data with us. After just one month of running our program, we saw strong growth in overall sales transactions, overall revenues, credit card sales, average value per sale and other mission critical areas of the clients business. We attribute that growth to several factors. First, rolled out a new website for the client. Then we deployed our comprehensive marketing program. Our main focus was to drive high quality web traffic to the new site. The sites job was to convert that traffic into sales. We aren’t just trying to drive any type of traffic. We are focusing our energy and platforms around connecting with shoppers who want to buy.

Hopefully this information provided by Flyline Search Marketing® is helpful to you. Let us know if you have questions or would like more information around these subjects?


Pay Per Click – Is PPC the new Yellow Pages?

Anytime Facebook TimelineExample: Anytime Fitness Health Club Located in Roswell, Georgia

Pay per click advertising is fast becoming the new yellow pages. It is imperative for small business owners, who have traditionally relied upon yellow pages for their business leads, to begin to understand the true power of the Internet. In areas where DSL and Broadband Internet penetration and connectivity rates are high, pay per click has virtually replaced the phone book as the method used by most people to look up phone numbers for businesses. Here is an example of that phenomenom. In February, the yellow pages delivered approximately 30 business calls from current club members, over 100 calls from companies trying to sell our client their products and services, and literally zero calls from new prospective clients seeking a club membership. A total of zero new club members can be attributed to the yellow page advertising program during February. These numbers are accurate and verifiable, given, the club purchased a separate phone line and published the number only in their yellow pages ads. They purchased advertising in both the AT&T Marietta and Roswell yellow page directories. Those books cover a tremendous geographic area, all the way from Marietta to Dawsonville, Georgia (More than 25 square miles of advertising coverage). Our client spends more than $400 dollars per month on this yellow pages program. The client advised us that the program has generated very few members of the past 6 months.

During the same 30 day period, a total of 337 people, within a 7 mile radius of the gym, conducted a Google keyword search for the term “Anytime Fitness”. We know this because the clubs firm name is included in the hundreds of keyword terms we use in Google adwords lead generation efforts for this customer. The owner of the gym added approximately 45 new members during February, and indicates all learned of the club either because they drive by on a regular basis, live near the club or saw the Google ads we placed for the gym.

All that said, I hope the number 337 really burns into your memory. Think about that number for a minute. That number represents the total number of people, within a 7 mile radius of that small gym, who searched precisely for that clubs firm and phone number. The yellow pages simply did not match that result during February. Want to know how many people saw all the Google ads we ran for our client during February? Sit down, this number is really going to make an impression (no pun intended). The total number of people who saw our clients Google ads during February was 28,787. Thats right folks, the Google program drove 28,787 impressions for this client in one months time, all from within a 7 mile radius of the club. That my friends is the true power of the Internet. Needless to say the owner of Anytime Fitness was pleased with the return on his investment from Google.

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Wishing You a Joyous Holiday Season!

flyline_searchWant to grow your business even in a tough economy? Do what Pete’s Plumbing, Anytime Fitness, Do It Yourself Pest Control, Winder Construction and others have already done; hire Flyline Search Marketing™ to custom design and professionally manage an Internet marketing program for you on Google.


Why are companies selecting Flyline Search Marketing™ over our larger rivals?

1) Flyline Search Marketing™ offers an inexpensive and extremely customer friendly fee structure. The vast majority of our client’s monthly advertising budget goes directly towards the purchase of actual advertising on Google. Our Larger competitors will keep between 30% – 50% of your total monthly advertising spend as their monthly management fee.

Example (Program Running Locally)
You contract with Flyline Search Marketing™ to direct your advertising spend of $4000 monthly on Google. Flyline Search Marketing™ charges $500 per month to professionally design and manage your local Google program. Your firm receives $3500 dollars worth of actual advertising. If you had contracted with one of our larger rivals to spend the same $4000, they would have kept $1200 to $2000 of your money as their monthly fee. You would only have received $2000 to $2800 in actual advertising value.

Example (Program Running Nationwide)
You contract with Flyline Search Marketing™ to direct your advertising spend of $8000 monthly on Google. Flyline Search Marketing™ charges $1000 per month to professionally design and manage your Nationwide Google program. Your firm receives $7000 dollars worth of actual advertising. If you had contracted with one of our larger rivals to spend the same $8000, they would have kept $2400 to $4000 of your money as their monthly fee. You would only have received $4000 to $5600 in actual advertising value.

2) Flyline Search Marketing™ allows more of your money budget to go the purchase of advertising. Because more of our client’s money goes toward the purchase of actual Google advertising, our client’s consistently enjoy the benefit of higher ad positions and more traffic.

3) Clients of Flyline Search Marketing™ have the distinctive advantage of being able to add funds to their Google advertising account balance at any point in the month with no increase in management fee. The majority of our larger rivals don’t even offer that option. Those that do keep 30% – 50% of the additional funds you add, further increasing the overall monthly fee you have paid. Bottom line, our clients have a huge advertising advantage over those of you using some of our larger rivals.

If you are interested in speaking with us, or need more information about search engine marketing please contact us at:
866-258-5511 or 678-867-6810
Or Email:
Web Address:

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Research Conducted By Google – Search Is Heating Up

Adwords Portfolio Button 1Now Is a Great Time to Deploy an Internet Marketing Program!

What the Research Shows

30% to 35% of the general population now receives their advertising messages via the Internet. Search marketing can help you reach those clients. U.S. Corporations spend more than $300 billion annually on advertising. Only 10% of that spend is targeted at Internet Search Marketing.

Source: Google™ Research 2007


Advice from Our CEO

Now is the time to secure market share from Internet Advertising! If you continue to wait on the sidelines, your competitors, who are already using Internet Search Marketing are going to continue grabbing market share. The competition for Sponsored Link placement is only going to increase from this point forward. The price for the best keyword terms will continue to rise as more companies enter the Internet advertising arena. Don’t wait on the sidelines, hire a trustworthy and competent Internet marketing vendor and start fighting for your piece of the market share now! We truly hope you will give Flyline Search Marketing™ a chance to win your business. We offer World Class performance for a truly affordable price.

Mark Lein
CEO Flyline Search Marketing & Flyline Media Group

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Pay Per Click For Ecommerce Web Sites

Adwords Portfolio Button 1Creating a pay per click program for an e-commerce site can be quite a challenge. Most ecommerce sites offer thousands of products for sale. Designing a World Class PPC program for such a site means building a large number of ad campaigns that specifically support each of the various product categories the site offers. Literally thousands of keyword terms must be created that support each ad group and are relevant to the products being offered. A properly designed pay per click program for an ecommerce client can literally take several hundred hours of work on the part of the PPC program designer. You can anticipate at least one full month of fine tuning in order to get the program operating at peak efficiency. Nothing is more rewarding though than seeing the sales start to roll in for your client.


Mark Lein

CEO Flyline Search Marketing & Flyline Media Group

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Yahoo – Google Deal Off The Table


   yahoo-logo2    Google

Breaking News

Here is a letter we received from Hilary Schneider, Executive Vice President at Yahoo. We think this information is important to our readers and are sharing it. 


Dear Advertiser,

We wanted to reach out to you directly regarding Google’s decision, announced earlier today, to terminate the advertising services agreement that the companies announced in June. Yahoo! continues to believe in the benefits of the agreement, and is disappointed that Google has elected to withdraw from the agreement rather than defend it in court. Google notified Yahoo! of its refusal to move forward with implementation of the agreement following indication from the Department of Justice that it would seek to block it, despite Yahoo!’s proposed revisions to address the DOJ’s and advertisers’ concerns.

While disappointed by this turn of events, we are writing to you to reaffirm our commitment to working together to drive your advertising results, and to provide the continued leadership you expect. The fact is that this deal was incremental to Yahoo!’s product roadmap and does not change Yahoo!’s commitment to innovation and growth in search.

As you know, Yahoo! has long focused on how to improve the user, advertiser and publisher experience. We will continue to enable you to easily connect with the consumers you most want to reach, by creating a more open, efficient and effective marketplace for advertisers and publishers. We also plan to continue to provide the cutting-edge advances in products, platforms and services that the industry needs and expects, by leading the way in helping advertisers navigate the converging contextual and search ad markets. Finally, we remain committed to innovation in anticipating the needs of Yahoo!’s audiences–one of the largest and most engaged populations of consumers on the web–by creating the unique context that delivers results for brand advertisers online.

In short, even in the absence of a commercial agreement with Google, we intend to become an ever-stronger player in online advertising. Our certainty on this front comes from the progress we continue to make in many areas, not the least of which are the significant innovations we’re making in search. We continually optimize our algorithmic and sponsored search. In fact, in 2008 alone, we have developed and launched hundreds of improvements to our search engine, including index expansions and updates, ranking models and performance tuning. Each of these features is designed to improve search quality and deliver a more relevant search experience to our users.

Particularly in this economic climate, identifying and making rich and deep connections with your target audience is of the utmost importance. No company is better prepared to help you succeed in that quest than Yahoo!. In addition to being the largest aggregate publisher in the U.S., we are #1 or #2 across virtually every key category, including being #1 in the categories of News, Sports, Finance and Entertainment, and we’re putting our leadership to work for you every day.

By offering extensive reach to consumers, breakthrough advances in technology, simplifying inefficiencies in the advertising process, putting new and industry-recognized talent in place, and providing tailored solutions across our network to meet your needs, we are well prepared to provide you with the most significant return on your investment.

We are looking forward to continuing to work with you in building your business. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or anyone on our team with your questions, or to discuss your challenges. We’re open to a productive dialogue with you in the service of continuing our successful work together.

Warmest Regards,

Hilary Schneider
Executive Vice President, Yahoo! U.S.

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